Top 5 Tips for an Allergy-Proof Office

Spring has arrived and with it, a blend of blooming flowers, outdoor adventures, and of course, allergies. If you’re one of the millions who suffer from seasonal allergies, you’ve probably already taken the steps to prevent allergy attacks at home, but what about at your office? The allergens at your workplace can be a little harder to control. However, a little attention to detail and an effective cleaning regimen is all it takes to eliminate the threat of an allergy attack at work. Here are some tips to keep sneezing and runny noses to a minimum in your office this allergy season.

Clean Thoroughly and Frequently

Pollen, dirt, and dust are tracked into your office every day. Carpets should be professionally vacuumed once or twice a week and desks should be wiped down every day to avoid dust buildups.

Keep Moisture to a Minimum

Moisture can gather around doorways after a spring shower or around the kitchen sink in your company’s break room. This causes the spread of mold and dust mites. Our cleaning service professionals know a thing or two about taming your office’s moisture problems.

Leave the Plants Outdoors

The simplest way to reduce allergies in your office is to get rid of any live plants. Bacteria, mold, and pollen cling to plants and cause those infamous sneezing bouts. An artificial plant is a great alternative and can be easily dusted by a cleaning expert. We know, it may not be as pretty as the real thing, but are your allergies worth it?

Protect and De-Clutter your Desk

Dust and germs love to make themselves at home on your office’s desks. Desk clutter attracts these allergens and should be avoided at all costs. Also, crumbs from eating lunch at your desk can also pose a problem. Our cleaning service professionals can keep any hard surfaces from becoming an office germ fest.

Call the Professionals

Commercial cleaning professionals are no strangers to the threat that these and other allergens can pose for employees who suffer seasonal allergies. As you can tell, allergens have clever ways of sneaking their way into your office and wreaking havoc on employee health. At CCSI, we know a thing or two about allergy-proofing your Rio Grande Valley office or office building. Take the first step to keep employees happy and healthy this allergy season and request a bid for regularly scheduled maintenance from McAllen’s commercial cleaning professionals.