4 Ways to Keep Your Break Room Tidy

An office break room is a safe haven for your entire workforce. It allows workers the comfort they need to replenish their energy so as to fully prepare to take on any task. For this reason, keeping a spotless break room is one of the most important things you can do for your office. Follow our four simple tips to keep your office space clean and enjoy the benefits of a more effective workforce.

Prohibit Sponge and Dish Towel Usage

We all want to use a clean set of utensils and a coffee mug when getting ready to eat, but using community sponges and dish towels can leave you with a mouthful of germs and bacteria. These cleaning tools are known to carry impurities that can potentially be harmful, so keep your things clean by using disposable paper towels or bring your own set of utensils and mugs from home.

Sanitize Your Hands

A trip to the break room is welcomed at any time of the day, but always ensure to use hand sanitizer when making your way back to your office. This will prevent germs and bacteria you may have collected in the break room from making it onto your keyboard and mouse.

Wipe it Up

Sanitizing wipes can be a godsend for anyone in an office setting. Always make sure to wipe the break room table before sitting down to eat your lunch and wipe any other surfaces that can be crawling with germs.

Wash Your Hands

Germ spread prevention should be one of the biggest health priorities for every office employee. Do your part and wash your hands after every trip to the bathroom, before eating and after you visit the break room. Keeping this simple process in mind will significantly decrease the spread of germs around your office.

We’ll do the Hard Work

Your workforce will likely have enough on their plate to keep up with office cleaning, but don’t worry; CCSI is ready to put in the effort for you. Our complete cleaning services will do everything to ensure every inch of your office is squeaky clean and free from those nasty germs and bacteria. For more information about our cleaning services, contact our office in Pharr today.