A Clean Restroom Speaks Volumes About a Business

A place of business can be judged by more than just its practices. Cleanliness is key and a restroom’s condition speaks volumes. Businesses with poorly maintained restrooms may potentially lose customers if they do not have a maintenance program in place. According to a recent USA Today story, surveys found that nearly 3 in 10 consumers would never return to a place of business with a dirty restroom. Surveys also found that customers who feel confident in using a company’s bathroom facilities will be more inclined to do business and bring in more revenue for the company.

Potential Impact of a Dirty Restroom

Everyone hates a dirty restroom. 94% of adults in the U.S. claim they would avoid a business after experiencing a poorly maintained restroom within the facility according to a recent study conducted by Harris Interactive. In order to maintain customer satisfaction, businesses should ensure their restrooms are dry, clean, functional and stocked with supplies. Restroom cleaning should be part of a building’s maintenance process in all office buildings due to heavy client traffic.

A Restroom Maintenance Program is Key

The restroom is one of the most difficult areas to keep clean. This is why it is fundamental for the success of any business to develop a restroom maintenance program. In order to provide clean restrooms for customers, develop a program that outlines the frequency of cleaning tasks. Cleaning frequency largely depends on restroom usage. It is critical that organizations thoroughly clean restroom surfaces at least once a day. Great care must be taken to completely sanitize the restrooms in order to maintain a clean environment for those who use them.

Keep Customers Happy With Clean Restrooms

Clean restrooms can lead to happier customers, which reduce overall complaints against your establishment. In the digital age, all it takes is one internet blogger to comment on the state of your company’s restrooms to discourage other customers from frequenting your establishment. Clean facilities show your company’s dedication to all phases of the customer service experience. Customers appreciate these efforts and can reward your business with encouraging reviews that generate interest within the local community.

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