A Clean Workplace Is a Healthy Workplace

The average American spends the majority of their day sitting at their work desk. Viruses and millions of virus-causing bacteria can live on common surfaces, such as computer keyboards, telephones, and the palms of your hands. Once transferred to a desktop or office items, these microorganisms can live for days. Maintain the cleanliness of an office to prevent illnesses from spreading rampantly. Employees will remain healthier throughout the year.

The Filthiest Thing on Work Desks

Computer keyboards are filthier than you think. Studies conducted by Which? Computing found office keyboards host bacteria levels five times higher than toilet seats. An unclean shared workspace increases the risk of transmitting infections, such as colds and influenza. Business owners should consider investing in a sanitization maintenance service to keep basic office equipment free of microorganisms.

Carpets are Germ Hotspots

Dirty office carpet can provoke allergic reactions in employees and clients. Fungi, bacteria, dirt and dust mites thrive in carpet. Carpet traps all of those things as result of heavy foot traffic. Sneezing, water eyes, coughing and stuffed noses may very well be the result of filthy office carpet. Deep carpet cleaning will remove bacteria and germs that infiltrate and cause an unhealthy work environment.

Don’t Forget About the Restrooms

Germs can live for a long time on surfaces, such as sinks, door handles and toilet seats. Request that your restroom and those reserved for clients and employees clean and sanitary to ensure a pleasant experience every brand new day. Remember, no one likes a dirty restroom.

Let the Pros Handle the Dirty Work

Keep your office clean and germ-free to lessen employee sick days and promote higher productivity levels. An environment full of dirt, dust, garbage and bacteria is one that significantly impacts the health of employees. Hire a professional commercial cleaning service to ensure your employees and clients breath clean, quality throughout each day. When it comes to health, it is better to stay on the safe side.

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