Four Tips to Protect Your Office Against Germs

Sneezing, coughing and a pile of used tissues are hardly a recipe for success at the office. Flu in the workplace can result in a plethora of problems such as missed deadlines, sloppy work and decreased employee drive. Everyone in your office can be at risk of the dreaded flu or other illnesses, but before you gather your things and bolt out the door in an attempt to avoid the bug, take time to learn the things that can be done to help defend your workplace against illness.

Tidy Up Personal Space

Think the break room sink is the dirtiest place in the office? Think again. Your desk is home to some of the dirtiest, most germ-infested things in the workplace. Your phone, mouse and keyboard are saturated in germs that can spread with every movement. Always make sure sanitation supplies such as disinfectants and sanitizing wipes are around. Also make sure desks are given special treatment during cleaning services.

Kick Out the Germs

The door handles, elevator buttons and bathroom faucets in your office are packed with germs that can potentially be passed around from person to person. It’s impossible to keep track of all those hands touching every surface but you can help decrease the spread of diseases by strategically placing hand sanitizer at entrances, receptionist desks and conference rooms.

Awareness is Key

Your employees will ultimately have to make the decision to take a proactive stance against diseases, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them about the minor things they can do to maintain a healthy workplace. Signs displaying prevention tips or sanitation protocols (“Employees must wash hands”) hung in restrooms, behind doors and above sinks can send the message across and help increase awareness.

No Heroes Allowed

Taking sick days or leaving work early as a result of illness tends to have a negative connotation in office settings around the nation, but that shouldn’t be the case.  Bosses should always do the responsible thing for a sick employee and his/her peers by encouraging sick leave. Do the right thing and nip the spread of that pesky virus in the bud.

Let’s Clean Up

It’s time to make every corner of your Rio Grande Valley office as clean as a whistle. A professional cleaning regimen that helps rid your workplace of those nasty germs is the best way to go. Our trusted cleaning company is determined to help keep your workplace as healthy as possible. For more information about our cleaning services, get in touch with us today.