Make a Dirty Office Carpet a Thing of the Past: Top Reasons for Year-Round Cleaning

Consider the daily traffic your office carpet experiences in a single day. Now, think about the days and months that go by without a thorough cleaning. That is quite a bit of wear and tear. You can probably imagine just how dirty your carpet can become considering the fact that it collects and filters everything entering the office. It’s difficult to imagine avoiding replacing an air conditioning unit’s filter or dusting furniture, let alone keeping your carpet clean. Your office carpet should receive every bit of attention when it comes to keeping clean. Here are just a few reasons why you should make year-round carpet cleaning a priority for your office.

Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Regular cleanings for your office carpet means it will last longer and save you money in the long run. Most commercial cleaning service companies use the extraction method to deep clean carpet and this can prolong its life. Having to replace office carpet every few years is not cost-effective and doing something as simple as having it thoroughly cleaned by professionals will ensure that your flooring investment is protected.

Safeguard Your Office’s Indoor Air Quality

Your office carpet traps the same airborne pollutants as your air conditioning unit’s filter. The difference is that your carpet is not disposable. Regular maintenance helps prevent the buildup of allergens and other bacteria. These unhealthy contaminants can accumulate when soil and moisture collect, wreaking havoc on your office’s indoor air quality. These pollutants, allergens, and bacteria may worsen as time goes by without treatment, which is why your office carpet should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

Eliminate Those Unpleasant Spots and Stains

If you notice your carpet littered with spots and stains, chances are your customers or potential clients do to. Carpet can become dirtier as time goes by and it is best to have spots and stains promptly removed to protect against future damage. The carpet in your office is subjected to soiling and damage on a daily basis. The more often you clean your office carpet, the easier it is to maintain as time goes on. Soils and stains can easily be removed with a regular cleaning by carpet cleaning professionals. A good cleaning performed on a regular basis will not only ensure that your carpet lasts longer, it will also protect indoor air quality and keep spots and stains at bay.

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