Safety First: How a Clean Office Impacts Employee Safety

As a business owner, you probably have several concerns on your mind. What can I do to increase profits? What must be done to ensure client and customer satisfaction? But have you given any thought as to the state of your office’s sanitation? It may seem trivial to keep your office looking spotless when going about the daily activities of running a business. It shouldn’t. As a business owner, one of your main concerns should be employee safety. Maintaining a sanitary workplace ensures the risk of illness remains low. An unkempt office building can breed bacteria and other airborne threats, risking the health of your workers.

Avoid Slips, Trips, and Falls

No workplace is exempt from the risk of falls. Two of the most common causes of injuries in the workplace include slipping and tripping. Anything from moisture or items on the ground are considered hazards. This just doesn’t apply to tiled floors. Carpets can also be hazardous if they are not properly cleaned or maintained. Office carpet tends to wear down in high traffic areas and can create an uneven or slippery surface. Floor cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis is essential to ensuring your employees or customers are protected from a slip and fall accident. It also ensures you won’t be held liable for any injuries occurring at your business.

Don’t Let the Cute Name Fool You

Dust is an accumulation of fibers made up of paper, clothing, dried human skin, and upholstery. As time progresses, these fibers eventually gather to create a dust party in your office. Dust bunnies, as they’re called, can create office sanitation and health issues. These issues can range from sinus attacks to a severe allergic reaction, depending on the employee. A commercial cleaning service company eliminates this threat to employee health by vacuuming and regularly cleaning carpets to prevent the buildup of dust in your office.

Germs Make Themselves at Home

Germs like to gather on all types of surfaces that you and your employees come into contact with on a daily basis. Telephones, keyboards and doorknobs are just a few examples of surfaces in your office that are germ hotspots. The more these surfaces are touched and the less they are cleaned and sanitized, the more likely they will spread. You can reduce the chances of your employees becoming ill by having professionals create a cleaning regimen tailored to the specific needs of your office.

Create a Safe Workplace

A safe and healthy work environment yields better results in terms of productivity. It makes perfect business sense for owners or office managers in the Rio Grande Valley to employ a professional commercial cleaning service to ensure that common areas are kept clean and free of hazards or dust. Provide your employees with the safe and healthy work environment they deserve and give our professionals a call today.