The Top Germ-Infested Places in Your Office

A majority of Americans spend a good amount of their time at work in an office setting and probably do not realize just how germ-infested their workplace is. Anything from the sink faucets to the floors can be a refuge for all types of bacteria. It is a business owner’s responsibility to maintain a clean work environment and help prevent these germs from spreading around the office, risking employees with illness. Check out our list of the most germ-infested areas of office buildings.

Office Kitchen/Break Room

Your office kitchen or break room is a haven for bacteria and microbes due to the fact that this is where employees handle food. The kitchen sink is home to various different types of bacteria that can easily be transferred to different surfaces, including the food we eat. Everything from E. coli to Salmonella could be lurking in the kitchen or break room.

Office Desks

It’s no doubt that your desk is where you spend an overwhelming amount of time while at work. We use our desks in many ways, such as a place to keep papers and office supplies and even as a place to eat. The keyboard, mouse, and phone are just a few of the things we use on a regular basis that contain large amounts of bacteria.


The office refrigerator is a popular place for bacteria to collect and multiply. Old food and drinks which are neglected and aren’t thrown away can grow a variety of illness-inducing microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and mold. The office fridge is an important place to keep clean as bacteria can spread onto food that is not properly stored.


The floors in your office are typically a high traffic area and are more susceptible to germs and bacteria. They can become very dirty as people track in dirt and mud from the bottom of their shoes. Bacteria feed off of moisture and dirt, which is why custodial staff and cleaning companies concentrate on the floor more than anything else.

Hard Surfaces or Touch Points

Any hard surface we regularly come into contact with, such as door handles, countertops or faucet handles, are examples of touch points which can be crawling with bacteria. 75% of sink faucets in kitchens or break rooms are packed with germs, according to a study conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional.

Tidy Up

It is important that these areas be kept as clean as possible to decrease the spread of germs in the office. The best way to accomplish this is with help from a professional commercial cleaning service. A professional cleaning regimen that focuses on these germ-infested areas is key to keeping employees healthy and your business operating smoothly. We are a trusted commercial cleaning company ready to tackle any office building sanitation needs for the Rio Grande Valley.